Loqacious: like a dating app …

                                 … but for languages!

So, we’re launching Loqacious, a new Paris based English/French language exchange app

If you’re looking for people to exchange with please give Loqacious a try!

We found language learners were often struggling when it came to practicing, even in a busy and multicultural city such as Paris. So many native speakers nearby but not always that reachable, right? Well, Loqacious was created to get you talking with the people around you.

Here’s how it works. With geolocation, you can view users nearby, check their native language, their bio and interests and message them to arrange a meeting.

Then it’s over to you and your partner(s) to set up the exchange. You can, for instance, decide to speak French for 20 minutes and then English for 20 minutes, so all the participants can practice. You can grab a coffee (or a beer), go shopping together and talk clothes, or if you’re into art, you might want to meet at an expo and comment on the pieces in two languages. If you’re already a busy Parisian, you can meet at lunch time (or breakfast!) with another busy Parisian and improve your professional vocabulary over a meal. If you’re an English teacher, the app might also be useful for you to reach motivated students…

Anyway, we thought of a lot of ways that Loqacious might be useful but the best way will obviously be your way. It’s an ongoing project and we would love for you to be a part of it. We’re looking for people who won’t be afraid if there are only a few enthusiasts out there with them in the wilderness at the beginning. Soon there’ll be plenty more exchange partners available!

Plus we’ll be organising some language exchange events ourselves before the summer is out.

You can download the app for free on the App store and on Google play.

See you there!

The Loqacious team

View the profiles of users nearby.
Choose your language partner according to their bio, native language and location.
Message them in-app to make contact before meeting.
Talk for real!

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