Loqacious Team Member : Yassine

Loqacious Team Member : Yassine

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Yassine and I am 24. I have a master degree in Information & Communication. Before that I did a Bachelor in Economics and in Information & Communication. Is it useful if I mention that I am parisian?


What is your role at Loqacious?

I am in charge of the digital communication, I take care of the social networks and make sure to give our community the best content. Also I am in charge of the user support. My job is to welcome the new Loqacious users everyday.


What made you want to work for Loqacious?

I studied in Madrid as part of the erasmus program. There I had to learn spanish on the spot as I didn’t a word of it before going. Speaking everyday different languages (english, spanish) made me realise how much I liked speaking foreign languages. I remember one day in Madrid, I was looking for a spanish partner to set up a linguistical tandem but I couldn’t find any group or app that could help me. When I heard in Paris about Loqacious, I told to myself that finally someone had made the perfect app to fix this and that I really had to be part of this project.


How many languages do you speak and what new language do you want to learn?

I currently speak 4 languages: french, english, spanish and arabic. I’d like to learn german someday even though I know life is too short to learn german ahah.


Since you’re french can you tell us what’s your favourite word or expression in english?

“Awesome” which stands for “Génial” in french. I guess I associate this word to Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother who made me laugh for a few years.


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