Present Simple or Present Continuous ?

Present Simple or Present Continuous ?

Today we are going to talk about two present tenses in English. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous? Do you know how to use both tenses in a sentence?


If you are not sure on what is the difference between the two, this video is the right thing for you! Watch it and find out when do we use each of the two tenses. It will help you understand the rules better! At the end of the video we will even give you a short exercise to test your newly acquired knowledge.


The video


Exercise : Present Simple / Present Continuous


Here is the transcript of the exercise found in the video. Did you answer all the questions correctly? Was the exercise hard to do?



Give us your feedback in the comments below, and keep watching our blog for more interesting videos like this one!


Isidora Vlaovic
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