5 must-see Movies to boost your French

5 must-see Movies to boost your French

Learning French is a cinch, right?! 😉 And it’s just about to get easier (and more fun) with our very own list of 5 Movies to boost your French! They’re all authentic French classics chosen by me, Yassine, and my fellow Loqacious team-member Clara.. Movies are great not just for learning new expressions but also filling you in on French culture – no more staring off into space as your French friends share that inside joke about some movie you’ve never seen! To help you choose some perfect movies in from the never-ending choice out there we decided to share our Top 5 French movies with you.

Our Top 5 French movies include:


Number 5 : Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain : Classic right? While watching this crazy, charming story, you also get to discover some of the best spots in Paris. Some say that it’s “La pépite du cinema français”.


Number 4 : La cité de la peur: A French comedy murder investigation. The film was made by the renowned comedy group Les Nuls (‘the dorks’). Who’s against a good laugh while learning French? If you can get the jokes that is…


Number 3 : Le 1er jour jour du reste ta vie : Immerse yourself in a typical French family. Time to get emotional… (We won’t spoil the story for you)


Number 2 : Innocents: The Dreamers Why? Well first of all because of Louis Garrel. Second the story follows the journey of a young american in the late 60s trying to make his way in Paris. While here the main character strikes up a friendship with a French brother and Sister. They show him the Parisian way of doing things…


Number 1 : L’auberge espagnole: One of the best known French movies internationally. Especially in the expat community. It’s about a French student who goes to study in Barcelona and lives in a shared flat with other students from all over Europe. L’auberge espagnole (the expression originally means ‘a bring and share supper’) takes you on an emotional roller coaster: sadness, happiness, the emotions in between… you got it! MUST WATCH!

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    No Truffaut, no Goddard, no Resnais… where are the intellos? Yassine is from the new generation!!!

    • Posted at 8:40 am, 21st April 2017

      I meant Godard!!!!! Where are the intellos 😉

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